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Private Studio Work

Deborah Birnbaum’s breath technique is drawn from the Bel Canto tradition where breath is the basis and genesis of beautiful sound. Ms. Birnbaum is able to take Bel Canto breath technique and translate it into contemporary American voice studio terminology.

Her work takes breath support from the realm of vocabulary into practical application so that the singer comes away with a simplified and specific understanding of how to utilize breath technique.

She is able to work within the context of the singer's own vocal technique and bring them to a physical understanding of the breath through a combination of individualized, creative and specific exercises.

Common Breath Support Problems:

Holding the breath
Tongue and jaw tension
Not engaging the back
Running out of breath
Over expanding the ribs
Breathing too high
Exaggerated inhalation
Collapsing the chest

Deborah Birnbaum's objective is to work collaboratively, respecting and using the student's vocal technique. Within a few sessions, she will help each singer to:

Achieve a more balanced and kinetic use of the breath
Develop a consistent legato vocal line
Uncover vocal color
Understand what "full" feels like
Increase range and agility
Utilize the Bel Canto approach to achieve a relaxed and natural breath
Release physical tensions
Maximize breath control and increase stamina

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